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According to branding agency KMS TEAM, brands provide orientation and facilitate inspiring dialog between businesses and markets. Simon Betsch, Director Brand Strategy and Managing Director of KMS TEAM, talks about developing holistic brands successfully.

Mr. Betsch, you base your daily work on the method of thinking and working referred to as Tiefendesign (in-depth design). What exactly does this mean?
We look at brands from every perspective, that is, we link entrepreneurial thinking to concrete implementation, involving all the relevant divisions in a company. This is the foundation of successful brand management. Tiefendesign allows us to get our very own understanding of what design means to a company and a brand.
Tiefendesign refers to the process of creation as well as to the result and the benefits of brands. To learn more about this way of thinking and working, we invite you to watch the video.

What are your agency’s plans for MCBW 2014?
We will begin with a brief tour of our premises located in a former tool-machine manufacturing plant in Obersendling. This is where 120 staff members operate. Following this introduction I will speak about brand development, brand management and the quality of design and I will present the initial findings of our current study on brands.

What target group do you plan to address?
Our event will address people in companies and at universities who deal with brands in diverse scenarios. Our goal is to show the theoretical and practical aspects of brands and shed some light on this comprehensive subject.

Can you name an example of successful holistic brand development?
Our customer Canyon Bicycles is a good example – it repeatedly has been named most popular brand of bike among German-speaking consumers. The managers of Canyon Bicycles understand the relevance of their brand as the driving force behind the success of their business.

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