Designed to Inspire – the TOCA ME design conference 2014



The TOCA ME design conference featuring renowned speakers from the world of design will take place on 22 February 2014 during Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW). We asked the organizers, Nina Steenackers and Ronald and Thorsten Iberl, to provide us with some background information.

A new edition of the TOCA ME design conference will be held during MCBW 2014. In your opinion, what makes MCBW stand out?
MCBW is a week-long journey through Munich learning about places, events and people – all of them related to design. What makes MCBW so special for us is the huge variety of events and the fact that so many different fields are brought together – graphic design, product design, photography, interactive design – just to name a few. What we also find fascinating is that visitors are inspired to think outside of their own (design) boxes.

The TOCA ME design conference was one of the highlights of MCBW 2013. Will you up the ante for 2014?
Since the first TOCA ME design conference took place almost ten years ago, we have tried to make every edition the best ever, be it through the selection of speakers, the design of the venues, or by keeping entrance fees fair to enable everyone who is interested to participate. For us, every TOCA ME event is a personal highlight and of course we are pleased if the attendees feel the same way. And, yes, TOCA ME 2014 will be a highlight yet again; we are working on that …

The motto of the conference is Designed to Inspire. What exactly does that mean?
The TOCA ME design conference touches the most diverse areas of design, from graphic design to video to creative coding. The boundaries between these segments are blurred and change continuously, just like the contents of the conference. However, one theme has been common to all our events in the past few years – inspiration. We aim to inspire visitors and motivate them to implement their own ideas or to try out something completely new such as going back to using pen and paper (totally analog) or having a try at a new programming language.

What speakers have you been able to acquire for the 2014 conference?
We are very pleased that the top-caliber designer duo Brosmind of Barcelona and Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister&Walsh in New York have agreed to participate. In addition, graphic designer Eike König of Berlin; motion graphics wizzard Gmunk of San Francisco; designer, artist and creator Brendan Dawes of Manchester; Swedish photographer Erik Johansson; and visual artists Hellicar&Lewis of London will provide insight into the development of their works and the techniques they employ.

Find further information on the conference, the speakers and tickets online here.

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