TEDxMünchen Conference on Innovation

© TEDxMünchen

© TEDxMünchen

TEDxMünchen Conference on Innovation was established to support people in their attempts to spread their outstanding ideas throughout the world. We spoke with TEDxMünchen curator Stephan Balzer about plans for MCBW 2014.

Why is MCBW a suitable platform for TEDxMünchen?
MCBW brings together representatives of the creative sector from Munich and its environs once a year. As such, it offers a great opportunity to present innovations and ideas in the city for the first time as part of TEDxMünchen.

Who is the target group and what can participants expect? 
The conference mainly addresses curious, creative minds from all sectors including business, science, culture, academia and anyone else who is interested. Dedicated to the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading” speakers from Germany and abroad will discuss ideas intended to change the world.

Can you give us a brief explanation of the concept of the TED conference format? What makes it stand out?
TED conferences stand out because every speaker has 18 minutes maximum to present his or her ideas. In addition, at TED conferences the stage does not belong only to creative people from one industry but to representatives of all sectors of society including the economy, culture, science, social activism, design, technology and entertainment. Based on this approach, TED conferences offer cross-discipline perspectives on specific topics so every participant can gain unique insight into the things that currently inspire the people on our planet.


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