Conversation with Yasar Ceviker from “A kind of guise” about fashion design

DES IS DESIGN_A Kind of Guise1. What is behind the label “A kind of guise”?

„A kind of guise“ developed from a university project in 2009. We wanted to create high quality and functional clothing. We wanted the clothes to be produced as locally as possible and in-house.

2. Why did you decide to produce your clothes in Germany?

Why not?! We produce in Germany because it is still possible. Of course we also import materials, but only from countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Italy or technical material from Japan. In the meantime we also weave our own fabrics. We have our own weaving mill in the Ruhr area. This way we can produce our own fashionable fabrics. Of course “made in Germany” is very costly, but it is possible! We are growing from one collection to the next, but our numbers are still manageable. We only produce “made to order” and in small amounts. Some shirts are only produced in a limited quantity of 20 items; of other shirts we produce 100 pieces. It varies from one item to the other. However, we do not reproduce any of our clothes. Therefore, all our pieces are limited editions.

3. What defines good design in your opinion?

It shouldn’t be too much and shouldn’t look too forced. After all, functionality is most important. But in principle, it is about timelessness for me: clothing pieces which are not only in fashion for two weeks, but which can hang in someone’s wardrobe for ten years and the person will still be filled with joy when he takes it out again. For me, that is what makes good design.

4. Who or what inspires you?

Sometimes inspiration just comes to you. Of course, sometimes you are blocked. However, if you ride your bike through Munich, for example, you are exposed to different influences every day. Inspiration develops during your daily life, but it can also develop when, for example, you see elderly people wearing timeless clothes. While working on a new collection, everybody participates by giving their input. This in turn is a new source of inspiration and a new collection starts to “grow”.

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