In conversation: Hendric Wilke, Dean of Studies- Visual and Corporate Communication B.A. and Prof. Ulrike Nägele, Dean of Studies- Fashion Design B.A. at the AMD Academy of Fashion & Design about the MCBW

mcbw  (2)1. Why do you participate in the MCBW 2015?

With our participating in the MCBW, we want to support the MCBW as a partner and also support the metropolis Munich as a design centre. We see the MCBW as a chance to connect the design competencies of the event with our own design competencies. We, the AMD Academy of Fashion & Design and the design department of the Hochschule Fresenius, present our yearly showcase NEXT. 15 Perspectives Fashion and Design Event at the MCBW at the Praterinsel on February 21st, 2015. Following the event, we will host an after show party. We will display the final works of the courses Fashion Design (B.A.), Fashion and Design Management (B.A.) and Fashion Journalism/Fashion Communication.

2. What are your expectations in participating within the MCBW?

For one, we hope that through our participation in the MCBW, we can promote the AMD projects, to build up new cooperation and to enthuse interested people. On the other hand, we are hoping that in the future, we will have more interdisciplinary cooperation with partner as well, such as promoting design expertise and innovative design.

3. What do you associate with the key topic “Metropolitan Ideas”?

In our opinion, the first aim should be to strengthen Munich as a design centre. We specifically associate this with developing new conceptual approaches and provide impetus for global, innovative ideas. As an example of metropolitan lifestyle, one could introduce an all-ages-collection, which does not address a specific age group, but targets a broader audience – such as all age groups.

4. Are there any other design topics of the future?

Service design is a topic of the future, which the AMD is also involved in. Through the use of modern technology, it could be possible in the future to create interactive advertisements on a demonstrator through gesture control, contactless interaction and to anonymously control the recognition of people. 3D printing continues to be an important topic within fashion design. Apart from the creative potential of 3D printing, it could in the future become interesting for individual product design of buttons or zippers. Moreover, the interdisciplinary cooperation between different areas could become an important topic for design. For example, the question arises how fashion and medicine could work more closely together in the future, so that clothing can – apart from its primary function –have a positive effect on health and life quality.

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