In conversation: Konstantin Landuris about the situation of young designers


© Markus Seer

1. How do you see the situation for young designers in Munich, for example, with regards to lack of space in the city?

It is not easy, but it’s worth it. Munich’s highly populated city centre does not offer the luxury of abandoned buildings or industrial wasteland in which creative newcomers can spread out freely without paying a lot of money. It is definitely not easy to find the ideal studio here. Yet, Munich does offer a lot more than what appears on first sight. The rent situation is notorious and the standard of living is high. However, I do see the young creative scene in Munich as one that always succeeds in claiming their habitat. Of course, the road is rocky and conflicts occur frequently, but this is where good ideas develop.

2. Is there still potential in Munich?

Whether alone, in a city-owned studio or in a studio community – you can still discover a few gems in the city’s countless backyards. Moreover, the city of Munich is aware of its situation and is reacting to it. Currently, new quarters for creative minds are being developed.

3. How did you start?

My first studio was in an apartment building in Untergiesing, the second was in a city-owned studio on Baumstraße. Afterwards, I joined the super+STUDIO on Frauenhoferstraße. By now, this community has developed into a studio house with 30 individual studios. Apart from workspaces, the city and its surroundings offer a perfect infrastructure for artists: distances are short and there are many different trade and manufacturing companies with a heart for young designers. Sometimes they can squeeze in the odd 3D printing job or carpenter job in between there regular production. I have not worked in a different city for a longer time, but friends in other cities in Germany, the US and England tell me that we have a great advantage here.

4. Last but not least – your tip for young designers:

Search creatively and be persistent.

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