In conversation: Thorsten Iberl about TOCA ME


TOCA ME © Christian Boehm

1. This year’s motto is „Live & Uncut“ – what can we expect?

In times when everything seems to be just “one click” away, real contact and interactions have become more important than ever. You can find all information on the works of creative minds and designers online and find out all important facts about a person. However, meeting this person in real live and “unfiltered”, can not be replaced by Google, Facebook or Twitter. We believe that this “Live & Uncut” experience and the TOCA ME design conference are an excellent platform for this.

2. Who are the speakers? What can we look forward to?

We are very glad to welcome Florian Schmitt, founder of the Hi-ReS! creative agency, which has already won several prizes and Sougwen Chung, visual artist from New York, at our next event. Apart from these two speakers the illustrator Mr. Bingo from London, graphic designer Mirko Brosche from Munich and the filmmaker Rob Chiu will give insights into their creations’ production processes and techniques.

3. What are the criteria for choosing speakers?

The TOCA ME design conference brings together different design areas, from graphic design to video design and creative coding. The transitions are smooth and in constantly changing – this is also reflected in our choice of speakers. We regularly visit the most important design conferences in Europe in order to remain in touch with speakers and discover new faces. Apart from their excellent quality of work and strong presence on stage, they should be friendly and open people without airs and graces – not only during their 60 minute long performance on stage but also during the entire event. Besides the presentation it is, after all, the personal contact and exchange between speakers and guests that makes conferences exciting.

4. In 2015 you will once again be part of the MCBW. In your view, what is so special about the MCBW?

We have been a part of the MCBW, both as organiser as well as visitor, since the very beginning. We particularly enjoy the combination of different conferences, exhibitions and happenings from all areas of design. And everything takes place within one week, in one city. Perfect! After the TOCA ME event at the beginning of the MCBW we will be going on a discovery tour, visit as many events as possible and get new inspiration.

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