Individualisation in design

Whether for vehicles, furniture, software or clothing – customising – or the individualisation of products takes place in virtually all product groups. You can find out more about a recent example from Munich in the following blog.

What is customisation? We are taking about customising when a serial product is adapted to the individual customer’s needs and wishes. In principle, a specific product can be individualised to the customer’s needs or specific serial items can be customised using techniques of mass production – the latter process is known as mass customisation. In mass production one distinguishes between pre- and self-customising. In the latter process the customer actively modifies the product. An example would be a newly bought wooden chair, which is later designed in a creative DIY-style. In pre-customisation the individualisation occurs by choosing from a set of pre-defined options.

UnuAn example? The Munich-based start-up company, unu, develops the electric scooter, which goes by the same name. The scooter is individually made and will be delivered to your front door in no more than six weeks – on request including insurance, registration and number plate. What are the customising options? The customer is spoilt for choice – not only can the customer select from 65 different colour combinations, but also from 13 different varnish paints, five different leather seat covers and three engine versions. Moreover, this stylish vehicle convinces with its price and usability. Its innovative battery can be charged at any electrical outlet and lasts for approximately 50 kilometres. Projected to the average 15 kilometres usually covered during a typical day in the city, it is sufficient to charge the battery every three or four days. This business model makes e-mobility affordable for all budgets. What a great concept!

Bildquelle: Der Elektroroller “unu”:

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