My design tips in Munich – by Dr. Corinna Rösner

Dr. Corinna Rösner is chief curator and associate director of the Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum, Munich. Below, Corinna Rösner provides an insight into Munich’s design, art and architecture world. In the current issue of Inform (, she presents her choices for exploring design in Munich.

Corinna Rösner_“Munich and the greater Munich area have the highest density of designers in Germany. The results of their creative work are driving around on the streets. Or they are driving on train tracks through Germany as ICE railways, Shinkansen-Nozimi railways through Japan and as subways through São Paulo and Beijing etc. Or they might be standing in your kitchen and so forth…

Design in Munich also means discovery tours to galleries such as Style Deco (vintage from art deco to unique US-radios and Scandinavian design), Filser & Gräf (contemporary design) or auction houses like Quittenbaum at the gallery Handwerk or the Bavarian Arts Association. A desire for contemporary jewelry will be sparked by visiting the galleries Biró, Spektrum and Isabella Hund as well as Saskia Diez’s showroom. And if you are craving for handmade hats, you should visit Triska & Eisenblätter or Nicki Marquardt. Design from Munich is fun. And it’s not only about pure style, but also about developing solutions for specific situations. This is represented by the specific approach of Konstantin Grcic and his colleagues Stefan Diez, Nitzan Cohen, Steffen Kehrle, Gerhard Kellermann and Ana Relvao, who create more than superficial design. Their works can be found, amongst others, at Manufaktum, Magazin, HAY-Store by einrichter, bulthaup and Designfunktion. They can also be found at the Vietnamese restaurant Charlie, the vegan Farm as well as the bar of the Künstlerhaus or at Zerwirk Deli.

Apart from these, there are numerous other noteworthy names in fashion, such as Susanne Bommer, Ayzit Bostan and A Kind of Guise. Lovers of Japanese simplicity and sophistication – which have long since been models for Western designers – will find what they are looking for at Muji or Japanalia. And for people with a limited budget? Well, hardly anyone has done more for the democratisation of design than that particular furniture store which opened its first branch outside of Sweden in Munich-Eching. The Munich Creative Business Week and the International Trade Fair Munich, which are accompanied by numerous activities throughout the city, have played a crucial part in promoting its design scene well beyond city’s borders. The Neue Sammlung and its activities at the Pinakothek der Moderne have further contributed to Munich’s importance for the design world. Last but not least – Munich looks like New York at the show room of light magician Ingo Maurer.”

Author: Dr. Corinna Rösner

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