In February 2015, Jono concepts took part in MCBW START UP – Creative Demo Night – what is the start up company up to these days?

jonathan radetz

1. In a nutshell: What do you do? I am a product designer. I do not limit myself to one particular product field, material or topic. In all my designs material, craftsmanship and timeless design are paramount to me. 2. … Continue reading

4 questions for Sabine Resch, director of fashion journalism studies/communication, AMD Akademie Mode & Design München

Portrait Resch quer

1. As part of the MCBW the city of Munich will present a fashion award: what are the characteristics of a fashion city? Germany has a strong, slumbering fashion identity – purism, reduction and functionality are only a few of … Continue reading

Making Culture – another “Innovation by Experiment” project

innovation by experiment

In cooperation with universities and companies, Innovation by Experiment initiates exemplary projects that are implemented, presented and documented together. The goal is to consciously depart from well-trodden paths and create an open environment for experimental development methods such as the … Continue reading