What makes the MCBW 2016 so special? Patrick Märki, Creative Director of KMS TEAM, told us in an interview.

KMS-team1. Design is meant to create distinctive product and brand worlds – that’s what you associate with the MCBW 2016’s main theme: Design Connects Visions For Economy. Could you explain this further?

If you want to enjoy a high market profile and attract attention in today’s world, you have to attract attention. Brands have to convince at every single point of contact and become an experience for the customer. Design’s role is to create a distinctive product and brand world. Strong brand value has enormous potential. At the same time it is a highly sensitive good, especially with regards to the digitalisation of our living environments.

2. What does your company contribute to the MCBW 2016?

During our “Brand Development live” event we will show how the KMS TEAM activates brands. What I find especially exciting about this event is that we search for the brands through a micro site http://www.kms-team.com/de/mcbw. And everyone can give their input! On 25th February at 7 p.m. we will present our way of thinking and working, which combines all strategic and design-related aspects within one overarching process. We will try to demonstrate this in front of our live audience.

3. What defines the MCBW 2016 in your opinion?

The MCBW has established itself as Germany’s largest design event. During this week, Munich becomes the meeting point for creative minds and anyone interested in design. The numerous and diverse events attract people from all kinds of areas, which leads to interesting discussions and the development of new ideas. I am very much looking forward to this event. We have big plans: we are condensing a brand development process, which usually takes months, into a single evening.

4. How does your company implement good design?

For me, good design is characterised by its ability to assist and highlight the product’s functionality. Only then is it not random and creates a bracket around its content. However, design also has a strong emotional component. The design process requires us to be courageous and fight for the best ideas. That’s what we do at KMS TEAM and we are having a lot of fun with it. Our result: high-quality and sustainable design.

One thought on “What makes the MCBW 2016 so special? Patrick Märki, Creative Director of KMS TEAM, told us in an interview.

  1. It’s very well said about branding and design industry. I just arrived Munich and represent the branding company from Taiwan for iF design award night and very excited to attend tonight’s “Markenentwicklung live” by KMS team. Looking forward to know excellent design people around the world!

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