In February we had the pleasure of meeting Prima Verein at the Creative Demo Night, which was part of the MCBW START UP format. What is the organisation up to today?

Prima Verein

© Prima Verein

1. Please describe yourself and your start-up in short sentences!

We are a non-profit organisation and have dedicated ourselves to the planning and implementation of modern and social concepts. Our mission is to bring together social and cultural institutions, providers of ideas and businesses. Our goal is to promote new and modern ideas, which will sustainably shape the success of social projects and topics and will influence the way they are perceived by the public in a positive way.

2. What did you gain from participating in the MCBW 2015?

Great discussions and valuable input.

3. What happened afterwards?

In spring 2015, we were able to find out what it feels like to have a permanent location in Gostenhof, Nuremberg. From 21st March until 6th April, we were invited to the exhibition space of the design office neoos in Hauptstraße 71, Gostenhof. The tasty bread combinations HEIMAT were also present at the exhibition space, complemented by a variety of cakes and soups. Our employees with disabilities are mostly young people from special needs schools. Through a selection of music and cultural events we were able to reach a broad audience and facilitated many encounters between people with and without disabilities.

4. What are you planning for the MCBW 2015?

We will see. So far we don’t have any concrete plans for 2016.

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