Dr. Christine Fuchs, company and project manager of STADTKULTUR Netzwerk Bayerischer Städte e.V., talked with us about the association’s event at the MCBW 2016.

Dr. Christine Fuchs

1. Design Connects Visions For Economy – what, in your opinion, is the importance of the MCBW 2016’s main theme? In my opinion, the main theme explores well designed products which reflect a sense of responsibility towards life in the … Continue reading

Design connects us all. Réka Visnyei, owner of INpuls, talked to us about her premiere at the MCBW.

Reka Visnyei, Inhaberin INPULS

1. How do the MCBW 2016’s theme and your new platform INpuls KICK OFF fit together? The MCBW theme “Design Connects Visions for Economy” will become very visible during the industry’s first speed dating recruitment event. Whether interior architects, scenographers … Continue reading

Johann Klopsch, CEO of Neue Werkstätten Munich, talked to us about the various areas in which design plays an important role.

© Hubertus Hamm

1. In which areas does design play a crucial role? Design is an important marketing factor; it creates new business opportunities and brings together people and companies who are enthusiastic about design and engage with it. Therefore, design is also … Continue reading

Josef Schmid, Deputy Mayor and Head of the City of Munich’s Department of Labour and Economic Development, talks to us about the city’s role for the MCBW 2016.

Josef Schmid, 2. Bürgermeister und Leiter des Referats für Arbeit und Wirtschaft der Stadt München

1. What, in your opinion, is the significance of the MCBW 2016 and the main theme “Design Connects Visions for Economy”? The work of designers is found in every product. Good design makes utility items desirable and is therefore important … Continue reading

Get to know HYVE – under this motto the company HYVE – the innovation company will present its projects at the MCBW 2016. Find out more in the interview.


1. For you, the vision is the first step in the development of new products and business models. Could you explain that? It is important to know that a vision does not necessarily have to be conceived within a certain … Continue reading

Dr. Elisabeth Hartung, director of PLATFORM Munich, talked to us about what good design should achieve.

Dr. Elisabeth Hartung

1. How do you understand the MCBW 2016’s leading theme “Design Connects Visions For Economy”? Design is an essential cultural category. I am very pleased that the MCBW 2016’s motto acknowledges the importance of design and creative processes, also with … Continue reading

Gerhard Nüssler, Head of Design-Siemens Home Appliances, tells us how the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award 2016 is reflected in this year’s MCBW theme.


1. The MCBW 2016’s theme – Design Connects Visions For Economy – is reflected in the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award 2016. Could you please explain this in more detail? For me, what’s behind this theme is the task, which … Continue reading