A conversation with: MDT, MCBW sponsor

1. You have been an MCBW network partner for more than four years. Why is a sponsorship of interest to you?

mdtWe believe that the MCBW is a wonderful platform for the exchange of new ideas, creations and inspirations. Therefore we like to tie in with the theme of design, specifically with a focus on textile architecture.

2. Why do you invest in design particularly?

It is important to us and our claims that many components from the textile industry are combined with design. Not only the aesthetics but also other factors such as the weather and individual concept implementations are important components of our planning processes. One of our latest roofing systems is an ultra light and modular concept, which was developed by MDT and Grimshaw. The foldable system is characterised by a whole range of innovations, flexibility and can be adjusted to an infinite number of situations – with a standardised structure.

3. In your opinion, what characterises the MCBW 2016?

The Munich Creative Business Week is the meeting place for creative minds and people interested in design. People from different fields come together, which leads to exciting discussions and certainly to new ideas.

4. Please introduce your company briefly!

MDT designs, manufactures and supplies worldwide especially innovative and high-quality sun protection systems, membrane constructions and customised products for outdoor textile architecture. The company carries out the entire production process in our own modern factories at international locations, thus guaranteeing the highest quality for innovative products with absolute delivery reliability.

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