bayern design: Co-founder of World Design Weeks Network

Looking at social design in the Netherlands for inspiration and following an invitation from the Dutch government, Dr Silke Claus, chief executive of bayern design, visited Dutch Design Week as well as the most important creative hot spots in Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. As part of this business trip, Claus also partook in last weekend’s founding ceremony of World Design Week Network, a global network of the organisers of design weeks.


Nine representatives of internationally renowned design weeks signed the founding treaty and thus created a network to strengthen their mutual relationships and to ensure the high quality of their respective events. Its major goals include the promotion of the creative economy in general as well as the support of new talents in particular. In addition to bayern design’s Munich Creative Business Week, a range of other design weeks such as Barcelona, Beijing, Helsinki, Mexico, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo and Toronto joined the network, while another 35 organisers of design weeks declared their interest in becoming a member of World Design Week Network.

During the following three-day inspirational trip on social design in the Netherlands, the German-Austrian delegation visited the most important creative spots in Eindhoven, Rotterdam und Amsterdam. Members of the German delegation included Kurt Kapp, deputy department head of labour and economy for the state capital Munich and Alexander Fortunato, department head of culture and creative economy for Middle Franconia at Nuremberg’s chamber of commerce. The delegation was accompanied by important figures of the Dutch political, economic and cultural landscape. Visiting this year’s Dutch Design Week was one of the trip’s highlights: around 2500 national and international designers presented their projects at the country’s largest design fair from October 22 to 30. In about 100 venues around the city, exhibitions, lectures and award ceremonies also took place.

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