Bernd Eigenstetter, managing director of Phoenix Design, Stuttgart/Munich/Shanghai talked to us about disruptive technology

Bernd Eigenstetter, Phoenix Design

Bernd Eigenstetter, Phoenix Design

1. Design Connects Visions For Economy – what do you associate with the MCBW 2016 theme?

Design is always about striking out in new directions, breaking old habits and trying something unusual. It is often about prevailing against a big majority. The mainstream usually just highlights the current state and that only seldom leads to real innovations. It takes courage to assert oneself against doubters. I wish there would be more entrepreneurs with that kind of courage.

2. Disruptive technology – that is your MCBW topic. Could you tell us a little more about it?

We look at the following issues: what are the relevant technologies of the future? How important are the designers and multidisciplinary teams in solving problems in a radically changing world?

3. You believe that the MCBW opens many doors – how so?

Making-of Disruptive Technology

Making-of Disruptive Technology

The MCBW gives insights into the working environments of world-renowned design companies. Munich has a huge design scene that is internationally renowned. The MCBW provides an opportunity to speak and meet many interesting people.

4. In your opinion, what are the characteristics of good design?

Good design is about things or services that enrich my life rather than troubling me, which are fun rather than frustrating. Every morning, I am happy to hear the hum of my kettle, designed by Richard Sapper, and start my day.

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