Gerbrand Bas, Federatie Dutch Creative Industries, tells us more about design leadership and the MCBW 2016.

Gerbrand Bas

Gerbrand Bas

1. Design leadership – why do you connect this with the main MCBW-theme?

Design as we know it will soon be more than just creating products and services, it has to take up its responsibility to put creativity where the mouth is. It has to redesign itself to be able to contribute to societal challenges, and soon that is.

2. What can we expect at your event „designxchange“?

This year’s partner country, the Netherlands, will present itself with several events, exhibitions, workshops etc. One interesting workshop, designxchange, will try to handle the complex force field of stakeholders and interests. As initiators of change, they must be able to creatively initiate and snowball positive change and must bring to life relevant solutions that are good for business, customers and society. In essence, for the people who are challenged with designing tomorrow’s businesses.

3. What are the visitors looking forward to at the MCBW 2016?

Dutch Design is showcasing their best at Dutch Design Awards exhibition. This is not just about product design but about the added value of creative industries at its best!

4. What is good design for you?

I like, and please forgive me, the Moses Bridge in the Netherlands, a design from RO&D architects. The name explains it all, it’s how to not design but rethinking.

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