Julia Hinderink, CAD-Solutions Martin Schnitzer, talked to us about the “DeUTsCH” symposium during the MCBW 2016.

deutsch1. Design Connects Visions for Economy – What do you associate with this slogan?

The Bavarian government has declared the promotion design and architecture as a business factor for Bavaria as one of their main aims. The Netherlands too has committed itself to becoming the most innovative and important location for design in Europe. The MCBW is ideally suited to host a format that highlights the cooperation potential while also showing the differences between these two countries.

2. Could you tell us more about the “DeUTsCH” symposium during the MCBW 2016?

On 25th February 2016, we invite you to attend the “DeUTsCH” symposium at the Pinakothek der Moderne. We want to discuss the differences, similarities and synergy potentials between Germany and the Netherlands with regards to architecture and design.

3. What is, in your opinion, so special about the MCBW 2016?

The MCBW brings together top-ranking, internationally active architects and designers from Germany and the Netherlands, who give insights into their methods, inspirations and visions during their discussions. We are curious what synergies might arise for design and architecture of today and tomorrow.

4. How would you describe good design?

My favourite quote by Frank Chimero captures my own view very well: “people ignore design that ignores people”.

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