Design meets economy: the MCBW FORUM 2016

For the fifth time, the MCBW FORUM creates mindscapes to think about design in the Alte Kongresshalle. However, the aim is not to come up with concrete answers to all questions. As a central discussion platform the MCBW FORUM rather provides space to approach socio-political questions. Seven exhibitions, international conferences, workshops and talks encourage, once again, an open exchange of ideas. The Netherlands, this year’s partner country, plays an important role in the MCBW FORUM. Join us and take an exclusive peek behind the scenes.

MCBW FORUMDesigning is about taking responsibility. However, what requirements does a responsible economy have to fulfil? And what is the role of design for the different areas of our society? What will our diet look like in the future? What changes are our production and distribution processes undergoing? These and many other questions will be addressed from Monday, 22nd February until Sunday, 28th February 2016 at the MCBW FORUM. The exhibitions at a glance:

Dutch Design Awards is the most renowned design institute in the Netherlands. Since 2003 it awards prizes in different categories based on the degree of design innovation and its contribution to society. At the MCBW FORUM works of nine designers will be presented.

OFF THE GRID – Design Visions for Economy
Our growth-based economic system does still not ensure a fair worldwide distribution of resources, education, food and health. The exhibition shows design trends that highlight, design fictions, progressive concepts and fictional realities in order to counter socio-political challenges.

Will meat continue to be one of our basic foodstuffs in the future? Five different scenarios of the future can be compared to each other in five different cabins: will we only be eating meat produced in laboratories, insects or only organic meat, or no meat at all, or will everything stay as it is? In the end the viewer will have to decide herself which model she prefers.

Eyes say more than words: this exhibition highlights the communicative power of images and humour. Nigel Holmes’ explanatory graphics visualise a wide range of information and convey knowledge and complex issues in a light and tangible way.

When is a product sustainable? The exhibition will present current innovations in the areas of polymers and production technologies. When used responsibly plastic can actually be a sustainable resource. and

The exhibition on the “iconic turn” in the Weimar Republic displays 100 interesting magazines and at the same time shows an aspect of German journalistic history. The visitor will be able to find a variety of magazines from the time period – ranging from politics and propaganda to fashion, sports, lifestyle and designs. The magazines are exhibited in ten thematic groups and presented at kiosks.

FILM MEETS DESIGN – film installation
Digitalisation has caused film and design to undergo fundamental changes – it is impossible to imagine the film industry without thinking about cross mediality, crowd funding, crowd souring and social media marketing. The media projects presented combine film and design in different ways.

MCBW START UP will also take place during the MCBW FORUM at the Alte Kongresshalle. Make a note of the 23rd February 2016 in your diaries. From 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. designers and start up companies will present themselves and their products at the Creative Demo Night. The participants will gladly answer your questions about design.

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