MCBW goes IHM: DESIGN PERFORMANCE | 2016 Exhibition of materials.crafts.processes

The International Crafts Fair (IHM) was opened on Wednesday, February 24th. The exhibition presented in the lobby of the IHM will be a showcase of select pieces in which materiality, innovative manufacturing processes and highly experimental concepts play a substantial role. Significant and in part interactive exhibits will draw the attention of IHM visitors. Design will be introduced as the driving force behind the creation of crafted products, many of which are closely intertwined with innovative engineering. Exhibitors will include Indigo, Lunar Europe, TF_Productdesign, Studio Tord Boontje, Ingo Maurer, Welter-Wandunikate, Glashütte Lamberts, and ARGE Deutscher Pavillon.

© BECKERLACOUR – Olaf Becker / bayern design

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