MCBW goes public: experience design inspirations throughout the city

Munich is transformed into a design world: the fifth Munich Creative Business Week is just around the corner! Germany’s largest design event will not only take place at the planned venues all over the city, but will also be represented outside through information booths in MCBW design – at the subway stations Fraunhoferstraße and Köngisplatz, in the Marienhof as well as the Neue Sammlung. The project “twilight eden” will present exciting Haute Couture made from highest quality paper. Immerse yourself in the MCBW world.

U-Bahn-Haltestelle Fraunhoferstraße

U-Bahn-Haltestelle Fraunhoferstraße

This year, the benches and columns in Munich defy the weather and gloomy underground scenarios: the otherwise rather neutral seats will be decorated with unique seat covers. Look out for eye catchers at the subway stations Fraunhoferstraße and Königsplatz or the Marienhof. The seat covers have various questions about design printed on them. Floor graphics and column-branding with the MCBW logo at the subway stations further increases the effect of this unique advertisement. Which seat cover do you like best? Which of the questions can you answer? When the toaster speaks to you? When a poster turns into a video? When your fridge re-orders its own supplies? When your phone controls your aquarium? When your sweater turns into plant fertiliser? Take a stroll through our capital and post your design highlights on Instagram @munich_creative_business_week with #mcbw #mcbw2016.

Visit the Neue Sammlung

Rendering der Stele in der Neuen Sammlung

Rendering der Stele in der Neuen Sammlung

There you’ll find a new MCBW-branded information booth by professor Kilian Stauss. The info booth is not a solitary item, but belongs to an ensemble of several elements, which are integrated into the staircase by architect Stephan Braunfels that widens towards the bottom. One could call the info booth’s benches “parasites”, which cannot exist or function without their host. The benches’ measurements are tailored to the steps. The visitors can take a seat on the padded benches, read the information materials displayed on the metal shelves and, at the same time, enjoy the view of the design exhibits in the monumental shelf in front of them. The design of the info point elements is geometrical and minimalistic. It does not thrive on details, but rather on the large format. And that might be why it is so architecture-compatible: the room is transformed into an information stairwell.

Experience Brazil with the “twiglight eden” project

This year, with Brazil as host country of Olympic Games, the fascination with tropical nature and environments is, once again, at the centre of the media’s attention. Therefore, the first-year students in “Modellistik” from the Meisterschule für Mode have let themselves be inspired by the rain forest’s opulence. The students designed experimental outfits, made from design paper by FEDRIGONI Deutschland GmbH. Pearlescent shimmering surfaces, embossed and structured paper, carton with metallic-effects or paper with a soft-touch feel – Fedrigoni offers a great selection. The title “twilight eden” refers to this biosphere’s ambivalent character. On the one hand, the jungle stands for imaginaries of paradisiacal sensuality. On the other hand, its magnificent biodiversity is based on an exuberant wealth of shapes and colours as well as the constant cycle of growth, death, decay and blossoming. The diverse and multifaceted papers and cardboards by Fedrigoni emphasise the uniqueness of this young design in a sensual way.

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