f.l.t.r Landrat Wolfgang Rzehak, Annerose Wieser, Christian Dangl, Regina Groß (dasistweb), Christian Harisch, Anita Lischke (Lanserhof), Klaus-Dieter Graf von Moltke (UVM), Eva-Maria Hasenauer, Dr. Elke Benedetto-Reisch (Lanserhof), Alexander Schmid (SMG)

Young employees, innovative companies and creative start-ups should feel as comfortable in the administrative district of Miesbach as in the big cities. Alexander Schmid, managing director of the location marketing company SMG, announced this goal during the business reception at “Waitzinger Keller” in Miesbach. This approach is support also from political side.

It is a problem for many of the municipalities surrounding affluent Munich: successful companies set themselves up in the city and pay their business tax there. Meanwhile, the smaller villages in the surrounding countryside eke an existence as bedroom communities and tourist resorts. This should change in the administrative district of Miesbach. During the business reception at the culture centre SMG managing director Alexander Schmid said: “We do not want to be a retreat region, but rather be the right place for young and innovative people to live and work.” The district is open for start-ups and new forms of work.

District administrator Wolfgang Rzehak (The Greens) assured his support through, particularly in creating favourable conditions for businesses. The chairman of the trade association, Klaus-Dieter Graf von Moltke, is convinced of the matter: “We are inspired to develop the idea, the company and the district.” Together with the business association a home for companies will be created and thus for the people.

A first step in attracting young professionals to Miesbach is the cooperation between SMG and the Munich Creative Business Week, which takes place from 4th to 12th March 2017. Through the expansion to the district of Miesbach, the urban and international audience will experience that creative minds and design impulses can also be found in rural areas.

During the reception, the participants were able to meet some of those creative minds from the countryside. Every year, SMG’s business award is presented during the reception; and this year the creative industry in the region was honoured as well. The start-up dasistweb, founded by Martin Weinmayr from Holzkirchen, was awarded for its successful work developing and designing web shops and brand websites. Another winner was the exclusive health resort Lanserhof in Waakirchen. Lanserhof has created several new work places and is a true flagship for the Tegernsee Valley and the district. In his laudation Michal Käfer also praised the building as an architectural masterpiece.

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