No Name Design: An Exhibition of Franco Clivio

No Name Design, Franco Clivio, Foto: Hans Hansen

No Name Design, Franco Clivio, Foto: Hans Hansen

It takes an attentive observer such as Franco Clivio to bring to light the beauty of small things. This Swiss designer and lecturer collected around 1,000 every-day objects for this exhibition. The result of Clivio’s lifelong passion for collecting will be on show in Deutsches Museum until October 3.

Franco Clivio said, “I’ve been collecting ever since I had pockets.” However, he does more than just collecting. He enters the world with curiosity and looks at objects. And in doing so he not only notices the beauty of individual objects but also their functionality. “Only a combination of beauty and accuracy makes for true beauty.” And these “truly beautiful objects” are now on display in the vestibule of Deutsche Museum’s library – arranged with care and great attention to detail in glass cabinets by Franco Clivio and photographer Hans Hansen. In 29 chapters, Franco Clivio tells the story behind these objects. Animated photographic images demonstrate in detail how the objects work.

For most of the 1,000 objects on display, the designer or inventor is unknown. They are part of the mass of anonymous every-day design and are not included in the culturally celebrated canon of design.

“No Name Design” is a declaration of love to nondescript objects, to their intelligent design often based on concealed and refined technology – objects that surprise and astonish their beholders. The result is an outstanding collection of objects created by anonymous designers which, shown in the right light, unfold their beauty, sophisticated design and functionality.


Nina Shell with Franco Clivio

Nina Shell with Franco Clivio


© Nina Shell

pictures by Nina Shell

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