Smart gadgets at their best: fashion of tomorrow – we will design the world of our dreams!

As early as 1985, Michael J. Fox aka Marty McFly in “Back to the Future” did no longer have to tie his own shoelaces – those of us being unable to travel in time, however, had to wait another 30 years. But in the spring of 2017, the wait will finally be over and “self-closing shoes” will arrive in the world of today! And we are certain that at the very least, the generation that watched this iconic movie will instantly want to call a pair of these “HyperAdapt 1.0″ sneakers their own.




In addition to other ideas, creative director Alexander Pohl presented this smart gadget in his lecture as part of the PORT series, a prolongation of MCBW, and completely wowed his audience of technology and design aficionados.


For all dance-loving clubbers another fashion highlight has become a true must have: check out the glowing footwear “Sync Your Sole” flashing to the beat of the music.

viper remix banner 2

Take another look into this imaginary club of the future – its visitors moving to the beat of the music (some more than others), and their moves rhythmically illuminating both space and dancefloor alike. All that’s left to do is to match the colour of one’s jacket “Edited/Autosaved” to the respective situation and become completely integrated into this brave new world.


Veronika Aumann, screenstoff#1 Blouson-small

And for anyone looking for further revolutions in the world of fashion, try out jewellery “L!BER8″ you can make shine in new splendour at a whim.


So simple. So smart – fashion of the future!

*All salon soirees of PORT will be presented by bayern design and KOCHAN & PARTNER. For further information please go to


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