Time for Business

Professor Ulrike Nägele from the Akademie Mode & Design talked with us about the MCBW as a communication platform for her graduates.

Prof. Ulrike Nägele

Prof. Ulrike Nägele

1. This year’s theme “Design Connects Visions For Economy” describes the connection between industry and design. Have the design requirements changed because of this connection?

In times of global interconnection and an abundance of constant communication possibilities, design should be particularly about the responsibility to ensure quality and content. The economy needs good design to provide innovative visions. The Akademie Mode & Design (AMD) educates new talents; it stands for top quality with regards to teaching and maintains close contacts to the industry while always keeping the demands of the creative industry in mind.

2. How will you present yourself at the MCBW?

During the MCBW, we will present NEXT – our annual show of students work from all AMD study programmes. The highlight is the Graduate Fashion Show with the fashion design graduate collections. As a special feature we have planned one hour for communication between designers and visitors from 10 p.m. until 11 p.m. We call it: Time for Business. It is a communication platform for our young graduates to explain their work in a more personal way and to take the “first” steps into the business world.

3. What do you, as an instructor in the creative industries, expect from the MCBW 2016?

We want to further strengthen, build and shape the international design network in Munich. We are looking forward to making many new contacts with inspiring people and ideas. Personally, I am hoping that people will be in awe at the creative city of Munich.

4. What do you think belongs to good design – in addition to the perfect craftsmanship?

Good design has many starting points. Good design often develops from a deep understanding evaluation of an issue. It is able to represent this issue in a simplified way and thus explains it to the viewer. Innovative technical combinations as well as surprising concepts can lead to good design. I also think it is worth developing interdisciplinary connections as we, at AMD, increasingly do by cooperating with other institutions. This creates great opportunities for innovation and good design. In my opinion, the social responsibility aspect will become increasingly relevant for design in the near future.

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