Architecture on the big screen

Gerald Cappek, managing director Vola GmbH, gives cinematic insights into the future of urban planning.

Gerald Cappek, Geschäftsführer Vola GmbH

Gerald Cappek, Geschäftsführer Vola GmbH

1. What does Vola as a classic design company associate with the MCBW 2016’s main theme “Design Connects Visions For Economy”?

For us, it is about the connection between design and the economy, which has existed at Vola for decades. We will only be able to develop intelligent solutions for future challenges with new design products, which embody elegant innovation and reassuring familiarity.

2. How are you going to be represented at the MCBW?

We will be represented at the MCBW with Vola Cinema and will be screening the movie “The Human Scale”, in which the Danish director Andreas M. Dalsgaard explains the urban planning concepts by the Danish architect Jan Gehl.

3. What is your film “The Human Scale” meant to convey to the MCBW visitors?

We want to present the audience with an alternative way of urban planning for which the Danish architect Jan Gehl is internationally known. The question is, how can a big city manage one of the main challenges of the future – namely to take in more people in less time while still remaining a liveable, pleasant city? We are looking forward to an interesting exchange of ideas on this topic.

4. In your opinion, Arne Jacobsen’s products are an example of good design. What makes design good?

Good design is characterised by its timelessness and the perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality.

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