Logo Bayerischer StaatspreisThe Bavarian State Prize for young designers has a long tradition: the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs has awarded the prize for almost 30 years. University graduates and young designers who have completed their education in the field can submit their work until 8th July.

The aim is to promote tomorrow’s design talents. After all, this prestigious award can facilitate a great start into a designer’s career. And participating is also well worth it financially: the award includes prize money of 7500 Euro. Moreover, the jury can award acknowledgment prizes with 1000 Euro each.

The categories

The categories from which the winners will be chosen are: industrial design, communication design, interior design, fashion design, textile design, digital design, design theory and research, applied crafts.

The criteria

Important selection criteria for the award are: high design and innovation competencies as well as taking into account the social and environmental dimensions of design.

University graduates and young professionals from handcraft trades who have completed their training can submit their works until 8th July. The condition is that these works were created in 2014, 2015 or 2016.

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