A Little Help For Unification

brand eins Special Issue Korea –

A translation app intended to help North Korean refugees find their voice

For 70 years, Korea has been separated into North and South and during that time, its inhabitants have become estranged. The same holds true for its language. While there is only one Korean language, the two versions of the respective countries are as different as the two realities they describe. For the 27,000 North Korean refugees in the South this represents yet another obstacle they need to overcome in the integration process.

The app Univoca is supposed to change all that – an unprecedented translation tool. Since this spring, more than 5,000 people downloaded the app. The app was developed by Cheil Worldwide, one of South Korea‘s largest advertising agencies. Project manager Jongchul Jang explains how the programme works at the company’s headquarter in the heart of Seoul. Outside, in front of the curved glass façade, a yellow cartoon gorilla reaching all the way to the second floor is rolling his oversized LED eyes. According to Jang, the app is intended to “help unify the language”. For him, this is a step on the way to the great unification.

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Courtesy of business magazine brand eins, media partner of MCBW 2017
Published in 11/2015 issue, Focus: Economic Nonsense

Author: Alexander Krex
Works as editor at the discovery desk of Zeit Online. In 2015, he was brand eins’ correspondent in South Korea.

Foto: Jun Michael Park
is a documentary photographer from Seoul, South Korea, represented by laif Photo Agency. Jun’s work “Sewol Aftermath” was selected for exhibition at the 5th Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover, Germany

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