Design Connects: DMI Member Trends from The Smart Revolution

2017munich_1000x625aiThe pace and extent of change in the digital age continue to be two of the greatest challenges to face business and design. The global DMI membership spans public and private sectors, industries, disciplines, and levels of design maturity. These are just two of the issues that our members are tackling, and that we will address at the dmi:Symposium 8/9 March:

Shorter Strategic Timelines

Business strategies have changed drastically in a fast-changing competitive landscape. Today’s problems are more complex, fuzzy and interdependent. Creating roadmaps and long-range strategy plans is harder.

  • Design is becoming more connected to the various stakeholders within business and technology as well as to end users, helping to frame these complex problems as part of business strategy.
  • Organizations large and small are turning to design to help map stakeholders and interdependencies within the organization, much as design maps external customers and users, with the goal of jumpstarting innovation.

Expanding Customer Touchpoints

The proliferation of connected technology, channels and touchpoints with customers continues to multiply. It is essential to link physical products, environments, digital interactions, and service experiences for success.

  • Designers are acquiring more skills– turning to a hybrid focus of product, service, and information design.
  • The ways in which customers engage with the brand are expanding to include even the values of the organization itself. Design and Marketing are more connected than ever before.

The Smart, fast and connected future is both exciting and daunting. Our mission is to help members navigate challenges and uncover opportunities. Undoubtedly, it is designers that will be best positioned to thrive in this interconnected, human-centered future with limitless creative potential.

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