Digital Transformation changes everything. Design gives it a Human Dimension.

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Digitalisation and new technologies are without question the drivers behind the biggest technological revolution humankind has seen to date. By now, many people experience their surroundings mainly in a digital fashion and design shapes their interaction with technology and the resulting effects on every-day-life. At that point it becomes clear if the effects of “the digital transformation” are intuitively accessible and if they are useful to individuals.

Virtual reality and reality merge – and this merger and its resulting effects are too significant to be left to system developers and engineers alone. In turn, this leads to a continuous change of the importance of our “user experience”. With that in mind, four aspects of design are important:


1. The “human dimension”: Requires an open and collaborative approach in the field of development. With multi-disciplinary teams. Made for the people, by the people. Focussed on users and a collective creative effort.

2. Accessible design: As the “digital world” increasingly makes its way into the “material world”, the ability to design physical objects becomes paramount. This refers to IoT, smart products and interconnected spaces. What we need is design that understands the human dimension instead of being focussed on “clients” or “users” only.

3. Strategic approach of companies: to create a meaningful relationship between design, technology and strategy. As such, design ought to be understood as a tool for companies.

4. Digital capacity: digital technology is the driver behind most innovations. It is the backbone of the entire ecosystem of experiences relating to products and services. Which is why technological capacity should be included in all processes of development from the very beginning.


The next wave of the “Digital Revolution” will again demand integrative thinking: it is not for humans to follow the logic of machines. Instead, the handling of machines will increasingly take the human dimension into consideration.


Wolfgang Steiner, Managing Director, Designit Munich

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