Editorial Changes!

Editorial Changes! (ED:CH). — In the coming 10 years, we expect to see profound changes in the world of media the likes of which has not been seen in 500 years.

The political response (ranging from left to right) to this challenge is to look for solace in nostalgia: back to the structures we can understand. Hardly anyone is in a position to present the bigger picture of the future.

The editorial conference ED:CH (previously known as “QVED”) is an attempt to illustrate this bigger picture of its field. Unlike its 4 predecessors, it is no longer concerned with design only. 2017 marks the beginning of its thematic expansion to include form AND content as well as theory and practice. Attending art directors, infographic designers, typographers, photographers and illustrators will now be joined by makers of concepts, media researchers, magazine makers, journalists, printers and publishers from the world over. More than 70 speakers will present their ideas and concepts, offer workshops and showcase their spectacular works as part of the exhibitions. ED:CH and IN:CH (Infographics Changes) are the largest conferences of their kind in Europe. Pure inspiration.


All lectures will be held at Alte Kongresshalle in Munich and will be interpreted simultaneously from German into English and vice versa. This year’s partner country will be Korea. In a series of lectures, visitors will gain insights into Korean typography and Korean design of magazines.

There will be two keynote addresses every day, one delivered at the beginning and one at the end of each of the three conference days. • Jonathan Barnbrook will show his works for David Bowie and Damien Hirst. • Veronica Ditting (design) and Penny Martin (text) will present their magazine “Gentlewoman”. • Stefan Aust and Stefan Kiefer will discuss the cover of their magazine. Both (as editor-in-chief and designer of covers) worked together for many years at German news magazine “Der Spiegel”. • Gerhard Steidl will speak about his work as printer and publisher. • Luis Venegas, the new shooting star among Spanish designers of magazines will show his works from “Fanzine 137”, “EY!”, “C*ndy” and “The Printed Dog”. • Futurist Bernd Flessner teaches and conducts research at the Central Institute for Applied Ethics and Scientific Communication at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. His research focusses on “the future of media” and the “convergence of technologies”. Bernd Flessner will speak about the future of communication.


Horst Moser, curator ED:CH  and IN:CH

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