How can I – as an entrepreneur – become a brand?

Venture Capital – yes or no? It is crucial for start-ups to convince with their pitch. Compared to well-established brands, the founder´s personal performance is even more important. A person who is passionate and authentic will only win if he or she has a clear vision, shows attitude and knows his or her goals, strengths and competencies.

Invest in yourself and your personal, as well as your corporate brand.

Ask yourself following questions:

  • Who am I and as whom do I want to be perceived?
  • Think big: What is my vision?
  • Which values do define me?
  • What are my core competencies and my potentials?
  • What is my USP and how do I position myself?

…and achieve the essential security by professionalizing and perfectioning your performance: It is all about the stage – including presentations in front of investors, as well as specialised lectures, discussions with customers, suppliers or employees. Nowadays, successful communication is personal and authentic. Therefore, the rules of brand building also apply to your digital channels.


Apple with Steve Jobs, Microsoft with Bill Gates, Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla with Elon Musk: The most successful foundations during the past decades were not just characterized by a rebellious idea, but by a strong leader at their top. All of them made use of personal branding in their favour: They were or still are experts, who clearly represent one topic. They all share a clear visionary, sustainable message containing a long-term perspective on the future. On top of that, they are authentic and therefore irreplaceable. Leader and entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg even uses the power of “corporate design”: By always wearing a grey shirt and jeans, his look became visually unique. By doing so, he is sending his message: I stay focused on the essentials.

In my opinion, the fact that young companies, like Apple, Google or Facebook, which have been growing exponentially with disruptive ideas, show strong leadership brands, is no coincidence: Those leaders have not just convinced the market and investors with their idea but have also attracted a large number of employees. But not just that, they have inspired them to become brand ambassadors themselves.

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