How visual worlds make virtual ones truly smart

Learnings and insights from a hot stamping and coating expert


To start with it was abstract.Then it became concrete: the digital revolution.It is changing the way we communicate with each other.The way we work.Produce.Consume.It is turning our lives upside down.Visionaries are rejoicing.Sceptics are issuing warnings.And rightly so.Because digitalisation that forgets our primal needs cannot generate enthusiasm.Whereas smart solutions that connect people with products and new technologies certainly can.That’s precisely what KURZ stands for – and has done for decades.


Design Connects – The Smart Revolution: the motto of this year’s MCBW sums up the way we work at KURZ in a nutshell.As an expert for decorative and functional coatings, we have always regarded design as a connecting element.Our foils and surface finishes are a point of sensory contact between the product and its human user.Between technology and aesthetics.Between manufacturing and marketing.Between protection and decoration.Between gripping and grasping.Or to put it another way: they are a window on the product’s soul.


And this is precisely where the chance lies: the opportunity to turn the digital revolution into a smart one.One that helps our world progress in human terms as well.We believe it can only open up a fascinating array of new possibilities if it is physically tangible – and our latest developments show the direction that can take.Interactive surfaces that adapt individually to different needs.The consumer himself becomes the actor and controls light and function to suit his personal preferences.Via gesture control.Thoughts?What an exciting playing field.What incredible potential for designers, industry and business.


We needn’t worry about being overwhelmed by the digital revolution.Quite the contrary.For KURZ, change is and always has been our day-to-day business.Both a source of inspiration and a motivating force. Because of the industrial nature of our business, short-lived hypes don’t stand a chance.Instead, we take a close look at the trends and developments taking place in society and technology and filter out their genuine added value for our customers.We can only do that thanks to all the valuable insights we have gained from the past.They have prepared us for the current challenges and continue to sharpen our instincts for what will come.In both a technological and a creative sense.


Revolutionising the world with digital technology.That’s a big idea. But it can be practised on a small scale too.With interactive apps, with intelligent greeting cards, with surprising effects that bring a message to life.KURZ is all those things as well.And smart, because it interprets the process of change in a very personal way.In dialogue with one another.That’s why we’re looking forward to everything the smart revolution brings and can’t wait to see how we can contribute to it.Let’s put our heads together.Because design connects!




About KURZ

KURZ is a world leader in hot stamping and coating technology with a workforce of more than 5,000 employees.KURZ develops and produces decorative and functional coatings that are applied to carrier foils and used for a wide variety of products: automotive components, mobile phones, television sets, washing machines, furniture, packaging, books, textiles, bottle labels, bank cards and much more besides.

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