»Lead by Branding«

Digitalisation changes the world around us. The internet of things and the automation of many processes shape our every-day life. New terminal equipment and applications are created and do our work for us. Digitalisation also changes our approach to brand development and brand communication. The branding process continues to become smarter.

What do we mean by the term smart branding? For us, smart branding is an entirely new way of developing and communicating brands – with regards to all touchpoints, it is more rounded, agile and flexible while keeping in mind the demands of the brand’s identity. The result is not a weighty compendium of rules on CD, but rather an idea expressed via three principles of design. This makes room for creative diversity and an interactive brand.

At the design agencies KMS TEAM, BLACKSPACE and STRICHPUNKT, we cooperated with AUDI to create a new visual identity whose design strictly follows the idea of “digital first”.

The new corporate design is built on the principles of diversity, authenticity and balance. Distinctive key elements communicate the identity of the brand and create a lively exchange. As a result, the brand becomes the message and part of our world. It becomes part of an exchange with people that goes far beyond all touchpoints.

Please join us on March 9 to experience our way of thinking and working at the event “Vorsprung durch Branding”. We are looking forward to a lively exchange with you.


Audi_Teaser_160920_8_2000x1125_72dpi Audi_Teaser_160920_2_2000x1125_72dpi 01_Audi_KMS_170113_72dpi

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