MCBW FORUM: where the revolution shows its smart side

Come and marvel at “The Smart Revolution” … on show in a compact format from March 4 to 12, 2017, at MCBW FORUM!

MCBW FORUM will celebrate its premiere at its new venue located directly at the Forum of Deutsches Museum. On site, bayern design will present a range of choice products matching the theme to a tee. Concepts and digital solutions will enchant visitors and are ready to be discovered. Visitors are invited to try out and explore many of the products on display – an exciting treasure trove of experiments!
Berlin-based studio museeon, creator of the exhibition at MCBW-CI, included interactive stations that invite visitors to participate and leave their comments. The audience is guided from one key topic to the next via large-scale, graphic tracks. On their step-by-step journey through the exhibition, visitors are learning visually about key issues such as “Smart Cities”, “Smart Objects”, “Smart Economy”, “Smart People” and “Smart Brands”. The exhibits raise questions and inspire awe in design aficionados and experts alike. Whether it is small helpers hailing from the digital world such as the device for recording time, Zei, or grand designs such as BMW’s Concept Car BMW I Vision Future Interaction, in which drivers control their vehicle via gestures, it is where “The Smart Revolution” comes into its own. Following this multitude of visual stimuli, the newly inspired designer will want to relax at Work Café furnished by Steelcase and located at the heart of MCBW FORUM. A place for more than just idleness, the café offers the perfect space to network while MCBW FORUM presents “Creative Teatime”, a series of lectures on key issues, as well as many other events organised by bayern design.

Admission to the events held at MCBW FORUM and “The Smart Revolution. The Exhibition” are free of charge. The long opening hours from 10 am to 10 pm are an easy fit for all – for design aficionados small and big as well as level-headed late risers and creative early birds.

And now, last but not least, make sure to save the date: opening on March 4, 2017, at 11 am.

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