On the allure of a new mobility



MCBW Magazin spoke to Dr Carl Friedrich Eckhardt about sustainable urban mobility. Eckhardt is head of the Center of Competence for Urban Mobility at BMW.


Mr Eckhardt, how do you see the current situation?

I see a great discrepancy between status quo and desired ideal. A lot of cars looking for parking spaces; traffic jams and debates regarding surpassed pollution levels of fine particles and nitric oxides shape our every-day life. What people want is less space given to traffic, a better quality of life, cleaner air and improved mobility.


Can both status quo and ideal be reconciled?

These challenges can only be met with a concerted effort of all parties involved: politicians, city administrations, car manufacturers, providers of transport, citizens. So far, each party waited for one of the others to act.


And now?

Now we have the historic opportunity to create s unlimited sustainable mobility. Customer’s preferences are changing; both the industry and financial markets are very interested in car sharing projects. Clean driving systems are ready to be mass produced as of today, and autonomous driving will come within the next years. All we need to do now is to establish a collaboration with city administrations – and get started.


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Interview by Joachim Goetz.

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