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Built from scratch, the city of Songdo caters to every desire of South Korea’s upper middle class. Eco high rises, smart public transport, short distances, clean streets – and slowly, it is even beginning to show signs of life.


Noble deer: as Songdo’s citizens want to live in a natural and child-friendly environment, the pen of Central Park features grazing deer.


Nice idea: in Songdo City, just outside of Seoul, everything has ist place. A golf course, an international school and a shopping centre surround the large park at the riverbank.


The ensemble was designed by New York-based real estate developer Gale International, whose offices are located in the most beautiful building, the Northeast Asia Trade Tower. Panoramic views through large floor to ceiling windows on the 23rd floor make the city look like a map of the computer game “SimCity”: residential areas over here, business district over there, the two connected via a recreational area including a park and a salt water lake. The trees, that are meant to invite residents for a stroll in their shade at a later date are still only saplings and the garbage bins, that suck all waste into the underground system, spotless.

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Courtesy of business magazine brand eins, media partner of MCBW 2017

Published in 10/2015 issue; Focus: Real Estate

Author: Sören Kittel
Currently lives in Berlin and works for Funke media group (Berliner Morgenpost, Hamburger Abendblatt, WAZ, et al). His book about South Korea “On Good Days You Can See The North” was recently published at DuMont.

Foto: Jun Michael Park
is a documentary photographer from Seoul, South Korea, represented by laif Photo Agency. Jun’s work “Sewol Aftermath” was selected for exhibition at the 5th Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover, Germany

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