Smart mobility via sharing communities

Would you be willing to rent out your apartment by the day to someone you never met? Ten years ago, this question would have resulted in people merely shaking their heads. Today, airbnb is one of THE success stories of the internet. Sharing personal goods, the sharing economy and collaborative consumption are in full swing: living space, tools, handbags, music, design … it’s all about “access over ownership”. Even the most precious of items owned by any German, the car, now transports many more people than their owners. So it is about time to elevate the smartest means of urban transportation, the bicycle, to the next level of sharing.

At home, I ride a fancy racing bike or an urban bicycle. Why am I limited to riding the same old heavy city bikes when visiting other cities? I don’t need my cargo bike 24/7 – so why not share it with those that don’t have the room for it or shy away from the investment? Why is it so tricky to rent a mountain bike in Munich? The idea for listnride was born: private individuals, dealers and manufacturers offer their bikes on Tourists, fellow citizens, families, athletes and business travellers then have the opportunity to rent the bike exactly matching their style and needs.

Just like airbnb, we are faced with similar reservations of potential users: simply handing over my baby to strangers? What if it gets damaged? We have taken precautions for cases of loss or damage. And to get from A to B in our congested cities, bikes are by far the best option. A fact that convinces people as listnride continues to conquer all major cities.

The one thing we are still missing to this day is a connected, effective and affordable lock for our listnride users. Give us a shout!

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