The Future of Work, Home and Industry

– Throwback MCBW 2017 –

This year`s LUNAR Europe event was all about the Smart Future in the field of work, home and industry. Paul Chaplin from Konica Minolta Innovation talked about the workplace of the future and what we need to create the ideal working environment. Paul works with innovation agencies to develop design-centric methods which explore how clients are thinking about workplaces and connect them with a range of capabilities and emerging solutions from Konica Minolta and its partners.

Paul Günther (Founder & Lead Product Engineer) and Hans Christian Sittig (Head of Design) from ProGlove discussed how they add smartness to manufacturing. ProGlove is a wearable solution for quality and efficiency improvement in industries.

As the final speaker Dirk Hessenbruch, Creative Director at the Telekom Design Gallery talked about the smart home. Dirk is leading the design and implementation of use cases which immerse the visitors into the digital and connected world of the future, providing insights into the vision and strategies of Deutsche Telekom.

As part of the event LUNAR Europe also organized an exercise for their guests to explore how far we all have come in the smart revolution. The analysis can be read HERE.

The event was filled with inspiring talks and interesting conversations and a perfect way to inaugurate the new LUNAR Europe office space.


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