Culture of start-ups in Germany: opportunities and challenges

An interview with Markus Sauerhammer, Startnext   How can start-ups best use platforms for crowdfunding? In addition to organising financing of the venture in question, crowdfunding offers start-ups a broad range of other benefits. Especially during the founding phase of … Continue reading

My smart phone, my coach, my tyrant


Smart people – do they not walk more light-heartedly? Unimpeded while being connected to (instead of trapped in) an intelligent network that connects and disseminates. And continues to grow. Smart people like to share: cars, bikes, photos and dinners held … Continue reading

Brave new world – about the art of skilful digitalisation. Possibilities are not necessarily a must.


Everyone is talking about digitalisation – it embodies the promise of tremendous simplification and the exciting realisation of dreams – the moment when all of a sudden everything becomes smart and intelligent. On top of my personal wish list are … Continue reading

Smart gadgets at their best: fashion of tomorrow – we will design the world of our dreams!


As early as 1985, Michael J. Fox aka Marty McFly in “Back to the Future” did no longer have to tie his own shoelaces – those of us being unable to travel in time, however, had to wait another 30 … Continue reading