The Future of Work, Home and Industry


– Throwback MCBW 2017 – This year`s LUNAR Europe event was all about the Smart Future in the field of work, home and industry. Paul Chaplin from Konica Minolta Innovation talked about the workplace of the future and what we need to create … Continue reading

MCBW START UP: Lecture “Protect your Design”


– Throwback MCBW 2017 – Protection for your design – obtaining and enforcing of design protection In this lecture by Charrier Rapp & Liebau, an introduction to design protection has been given. The possibilities for protection of a design in Germany and … Continue reading

MCBW Forum: Creative Teatime “Smart People”


– Throwback MCBW 2017 – Creative Teatime – lecture on smart people Being smart is essential for being successful in today’s business landscape. Companies need the best talents to survive in competition, as smart people are able to keep track … Continue reading



– Throwback MCBW 2017 – Digitalization, Innovation, Sustainability & Strategies is a groundbreaking meeting of decision-makers across industries, disciplines and technologies. Participants in this established platform, featured on national television, use innovation to form networks, share knowledge, receive impetus, and … Continue reading